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To assist us in growing the garden of liberty, we accept a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Your donation will help us in our mission, as such 100% of all realized donations will go directly to our stated goals, not a penny nor satoshi will be used for buying hookers and blow.

We intend to use crypto for paying contractors, paying guests and hosts, and prizes for contests.
Ideally, everything we could pay in crypto but naturally, some will need to be exchanged for fiat.

We are able to accept any ERC-20 Ethereum tokens at the same address as seen below.

Please inquire if you have a different chain you’d like to see featured here.

Crypto AssetSend to Address
BITCOIN – BTCbc1q3rrxhz94p65u3gpzecnxsaj9sswmhvcdu6vp09
ETHEREUM – ETH0x4dc40Ec1988007a2FA65fAc1a0B99f81035a8e9f
BITCOIN CASH – BCHbitcoincash:qp2cq34l3avdzllf5d947dla0rfjaswgvc0ncdgp0t
TETHER (ERC-20)0x4dc40Ec1988007a2FA65fAc1a0B99f81035a8e9f
BAT 0x4dc40Ec1988007a2FA65fAc1a0B99f81035a8e9f

You can help us further by providing a fiat / cash donation through Stripe
Remember that Stripe charges us 2.9% + .30 per transaction.


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Your contribution is appreciated.

Your contribution is appreciated.

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