Hump Day Hang

Wednesday 7 April we are having our first hang. Putting up a dartboard, playing some darts and talking liberty. 7pm on Wednesday. Here on out unless you hear otherwise. Check out our tiktok account. #thebahn

Become a Farmer

Fah mah that is. “This boston accent spelling is going to get old really fast” – anonymous We had pledges now exceeding 230 USD to help us in our efforts to build the Bahn to its potential. For every 100 USD donation we consider you a “Farmer” of liberty and someone who will receive special … Read more Become a Farmer


You could promise me something that I’ve been expecting for years, something that could be assumed to be a sure thing, a done deal. Until there is no more doubt, until it actually happens I’ll never believe. Not until pen is to paper. Not until keys are transferred. Not until the medal is placed around … Read more Hope

Unfinished Business

We spent 5 days peeing, pooping, breastfeeding, getting into a car accident, driving all day and all night to get back home. All the while, during a pandemic Here, I sit anxiously in the afternoon sun on a cold winter’s day. I can’t help but think about how warm the sun feels on my face. … Read more Unfinished Business

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