We weren’t prepared. Let’s fix it.

Since returning to New Hampshire, even during a pandemic, it’s clear that the liberty community was ill-prepared for a world where we are both collectively outcast as well as hunted for sport by a bloodthirsty and ravenous cancel culture crowd.

We knew it, short of our meme game and arguing with people who mostly agree with us, liberty focused individuals were generally under the impression that in order to succeed, there must be some sort of unity. As we’ve seen, and as we’ve also been guilty of, unity means the other side finally coming around to our way of thinking.

Some of us feel it’s time to open the tent a little wider than our own choice of thinking. It’s time to put the message of liberty out for others to see. This is easier said than done, with overwhelming public opinion that our viewpoints are no longer fringe but they instead represent misinformation, systematic racism, fascism, and any other ‘ism’ that could be attached to give an unsuspecting viewer a viscerally negative opinion from the start. We’ve seen the attacks throughout our past history, people who have spent funds to promote hatred and lies about people who are liberty focused. It just feels different now, where the cold war is turning hot and hotter for people who don’t hold completely woke beliefs or even those who do, that don’t agree with the handling through the methods of cancel culture.

We want to grow liberty, and in ways we must act like a garden. To grow a vegetable garden, what do we need? We need space, a place that is reserved for the sole purpose of the materials needed to give a proper habitat for your vegetable. For your veggies, you need a nice raised garden, bucket, or pile of dirt. It doesn’t have to be fancy and most times is very rudimentary. We also need a medium of growth, be it clay or be it soil. We need to ensure that it is properly balanced for the vegetable you’re growing. We need the seed itself, and this seed can be given by other vegetables which already have a number of seeds. It requires feeding, from fertilization to water, and from sunshine and fresh air. Most of all, you need someone to actually do the work.

We can compare this to what we want to do in the Lakes Region. We have the space, and it isn’t an overwhelming manse of opulence, but it’s our dirt pile. We have plenty of liberty folks around who have the seeds of liberty, and look to share with others. The medium of growth are sessions, classes, seminars, work projects, and just simple hangouts which will be scheduled throughout the spring and summer. We also plan to use our medium on various social media pages to help further branch out and use the enemy’s infrastructure to spread the message that could lead to see these syndicates eventually shuttered. Liberty needs to be watered, needs fertilization, and needs that sunshine. This comes from the ideas brought forward. The ideas created by those who see a lack, thinking up the projects that will change the world. Again, most of all, we needed the people to do the work. That’s where you come in on this story.

You bring a wealth of ideas, knowledge, funding and sweat equity. We are actively trying to figure out a schedule for our maiden year. We envision weekly hangouts, which are informal and optional. Some will occur right at The Bahn, our first will begin 7 April 2021, stay tuned for a separate announcement.
Admittedly, these posts create a bit of confusion for those who choose to read it completely. People leave wondering, “well, this is great, they need help and money and stuff but didn’t tell me what they want ME to do.”

Here’s what I want you to do:

Ask yourself the question: “What do I know about that would help other liberty folks?”
Ask yourself: “Am I willing to share to grow our community and their knowledge.”

If you have something that you think people might like, or even if you think people won’t. We want to hear from you. Especially if you’re a hard yes on the second question.

Some of the subjects we’ve discussed include prepping, construction, auto repair, budgeting, letter writing, campaigning, cooking, and of course gardening.

Some of the associated projects that could come forward from the subjects? Seminar on making a bug-out-bag, taking a Dave Ramsey budgeting class together, having a seminar on how to write a letter to the editor, a class on bucket gardening or hydroponics, having a pot-luck or cook-off.

Wow! These are some cool ideas right? So which would you like to lead? We have a space, we have the time. When would you like to share? When can we put you down, get the word out, and gather interest?

The Bahn is an intimate spot, likely accommodating up to 25 people. You won’t be speaking before hundreds in a live setting, but we do want to capture a lot of what we teach for providing out to the public. Again, we’re geared towards increasing the value of our people, mind body and soul, but we also have to get the word out to others when appropriate by using their channels in order to help turn the tide and get more people in tune with our logic and perspective.

The hope is that The Bahn can be one of those places that will live on forever, being a part of our maiden year will be something that you can tell your kids and grandkids about. Please make an offer, make a suggestion, make a donation, or just ask to have a chat with one of us in order to schedule something that we can promote and plan for.