Become a Farmer

Fah mah that is.

“This boston accent spelling is going to get old really fast” – anonymous

We had pledges now exceeding 230 USD to help us in our efforts to build the Bahn to its potential. For every 100 USD donation we consider you a “Farmer” of liberty and someone who will receive special incentives in the future. I envision a wall of fame, your name etched upon the century old wood framing. A builder. A cultivator of our beliefs. A sentry of what we know is just. Thank you to our Farmers.

You can earn this title also with your talents, time and sweat. We need all of the help to make our small space a reality. One day we hope that we will no longer need the clubhouses, a world where we can be ourselves without fear of retribution or arrest. That seems to be a distant world, in the meantime our sanity and our fellowship will keep the flame of liberty alive.

Let’s let it live, let it burn. Let this flame live all across our state, our country. But for sure let it perpetually burn in Laconia.

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