Become a Farmer

Fah mah that is.

“This boston accent spelling is going to get old really fast” – anonymous

We had pledges now exceeding 230 USD to help us in our efforts to build the Bahn to its potential. For every 100 USD donation we consider you a “Farmer” of liberty and someone who will receive special incentives in the future. I envision a wall of fame, your name etched upon the century old wood framing. A builder. A cultivator of our beliefs. A sentry of what we know is just. Thank you to our Farmers.

You can earn this title also with your talents, time and sweat. We need all of the help to make our small space a reality. One day we hope that we will no longer need the clubhouses, a world where we can be ourselves without fear of retribution or arrest. That seems to be a distant world, in the meantime our sanity and our fellowship will keep the flame of liberty alive.

Let’s let it live, let it burn. Let this flame live all across our state, our country. But for sure let it perpetually burn in Laconia.


You could promise me something that I’ve been expecting for years, something that could be assumed to be a sure thing, a done deal. Until there is no more doubt, until it actually happens I’ll never believe. Not until pen is to paper. Not until keys are transferred. Not until the medal is placed around my neck, I’ve been emotionally engineered to not have hope.

Like many of you reading this, life just has a way not not going how you like. I’ve lived my life feeling fortunate for the little things that go well, so much so that I feel fate has blessed me. There was a time when I was fast and loose, when life went wrong I kept letting it be more wrong. When it was strong I made damn sure to turn it into wrong. Since those days, I’ve done my best to sacrifice for my perceived mistakes. What gets difficult is when you see others rewarded for these mistakes, while you choose to continue the struggle.

The last few years my family truly buckled down as much as we possibly could. I took a job that took me across the continent. I was blessed with good friends and good family who took my side and I now reap the rewards. Yet, while I was there I was without hope for humanity. It irreconcilably changed me. I have no hope for them as a people. The few that believe in liberty there, simply have no chance. Before we were drawn in to own land there, that Covid thing happened, and we escaped.

I moved home, but even here life has changed for the worse. Leftists have infiltrated, have set up shop where life is good and just. Their efforts work to undo that good. They work to change life to a handout based economy. Nothing is earned but everything is deserved.

There is little hope that we can turn the tide. The time is neigh that we start to focus within. Make our people strong, rich, and educated. Make them wealthy enough to be able to have the time to take office. To steer the ship of government in a new direction. We have such strong roots dug in, and so few people to nurture the tree. To provide hope for the rest of us, we need folks willing to step up. To provide programs to spread the ways to be successful. To teach and to nest with our liberty lovers. To accept the 75% we have in common and to invest more than is deserved in them. We can’t herd cats, but we can probably provide them what we can.

We received a number of donations this past week, but if you feel you can do more to help us in our vision of having a liberty incubator in the lakes region, please see our page on how you can help. We need all kinds of help, money for sure, crypto is king, and your pledged sweat equity and talents can put us over the top. We need a place for us, let’s build together.