February 13, 2021 – A Mission Statement

This post was derived in March of 2021 from documents and spoken word discussions regarding the liberty space in the lakes region.

We see a world where people in the aim of eliminating discrimination and creating equity are enacting some of the strictest and least thoughtful discrimination. We have people who have endowed themselves to being the next generation of Americans who bring freedom from tyranny and the ideas of individual liberty particularly in our Free State of New Hampshire.

  • Our aim since 2020 was to create a space for these ends to be organized
  • We want to create a space where liberty will exist regardless of government intervention.
  • A space operated by a private individual, or group of individuals likely in conjunction with the Lakes Region Porcupines, a local liberty friendly fraternity.

Whereas, we as a group of individuals commit to creating and progressing a group that enables the following:

  • A space to create activist events, where the fees will be minimal and/or free for deliberately liberty focus.
  • A space to allow anyone to speak without retribution, without force. A space that exists forever.
  • A place for liberty activists to relax, play games, enjoy a beverage, hold a potluck, etc.
  • A space for Lakes Region Porcupines to plan charitable activism, group meetings, and work projects.
  • A refuge for our people to come in terms of mutual aid, with triage abilities and temporary housing.
  • A spot to organize activism, draw more liberty activists to the area or the state at large.
  • A storage facility for liberty materials as necessary for ease of local access.
  • A facility capable of outside amateur radio communication, web communication, and or mesh communication in service to the local liberty community.
  • To be a hub for people to come to seek what we sought when we came to New Hampshire, a place where you belong, where we are individually all the same, a place where everybody knows your name.